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We help doctors spend time on what matters most: patient care

Our AI assistant is at the forefront of reshaping the future of healthcare by streamlining clinical documentation for doctors in mere seconds.

One patient summary with all the information you need

Abstractive Health allows physicians to spend less time reading and writing their clinical notes and improves their revenue reimbursement from insurance companies.

Our mission is to bring generative AI to clinicians to significantly reduce clinician burnout. Our intelligent digital assistant can help clinicians get the answer they need that may be buried under years of clinical history and medical charts.

By directly integrating with most major computer systems, our AI assistant can provide the first step in helping doctors improve patient outcomes by focusing on the details that matter the most.

A product built always having physicians in mind

Physicians currently spend nearly two hours in the electronic health record (EHR) for every hour they spend on patient care due to information often buried in the hundreds of redundant medical notes. With a growing epidemic of physician burnout from strains of documentation, this is unacceptable.

We assist physicians in the EHR by condensing all of the relevant information about their patients’ health. Well-written automated clinical notes assist physicians in understanding key pieces of background information about their patients. Our product follows in this tradition as we abstract data and enrich patient care by providing a well-told story of their patient’s medical history.

How it started 

Vince Hartman, co-founder and CEO, worked in healthcare for a decade and noticed that most of the physicians’ time is spent within medical documentation. Physicians were manually summarizing content that is already in the electronic medical records (EMRs); he reasoned that through machine learning, he could create an automated medical summary. He returned to graduate school at Cornell Tech in 2020 and he met the other co-founders, Ritika Poddar, CTO, and Giordana Pulpo, Head of Design. In 2022, they created Abstractive Health to solve this problem.

They built the first automated narrative summary for the healthcare industry using a dataset partnership with Weill Cornell Medical Center.

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