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Abstractive Health, Inc. Privacy Policy

Effective January 23, 2023 

Abstractive Health is being created to develop, market and manage Abstractive Health’s proprietary method to automate a narrative summary of a patient’s medical record (the “Platform”). Through natural language processing (NLP) technology on the Platform, as more fully described in our Informational Website and in the Terms for such Website (collectively, the “Abstractive Health Services”). Abstractive Health will provide such services through the Abstractive Health Service (“ Abstractive Health App” or “App”), (the “Abstractive Health Services,” “ Abstractive Health” or the “Services”). Our goal with this Privacy Policy is to inform you about how Abstractive Health works by explaining the data you provide, data we collect, how we use it to provide the Services and when it is shared. Abstractive Health will also apply this Privacy Policy to the extent necessary and appropriate to our Informational Website, although we do not contemplate collecting any personal data from you for such site except data relevant to communicating by email on any further inquiries which you may have.